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Our targeted eye-area massages are specially designed to gently relax the muscles around the eyes, improve circulation, reduce puffiness and dark circles, ease symptoms of eye fatigue from digital device use, and provide an overall soothing treatment for tired, strained eyes.

Effective For:

Relieves Muscle Tension
Massage techniques like kneading, compression and trigger point therapy effectively relax tense, knotted muscles throughout the body.
Increases Flexibility
Massage stretches connective tissues and elongates muscles to improve clients’ overall flexibility and range of motion.
Boosts Immunity
Massage supports immune function by increasing circulation, flushing toxins, and lowering stress hormone levels in the body.
Reduces Inflammation
Massage helps decrease inflammation in the body’s tissues caused by conditions like arthritis or injuries.
Promotes Tissue Healing
Massage improves blood flow to aid recovery and tissue regeneration after an injury, surgery or intensive workout.
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