Signature Stress Reliever

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Our specialized stress reliever treatments are custom-designed to melt away tension and promote relaxation. Services combine massage, aromatherapy, meditation, paraffin, and reflexology to soothe frayed nerves, relieve muscle tightness, quiet the mind, and reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. You’ll leave feeling restored and recharged.

Effective For:

Eases Muscle Tension
Targeted massage techniques relax tense muscles that commonly store stress like neck, shoulders, and back.
Calms the Mind
Guided meditation, deep breathing, and soothing environment help relieve mental stress and quiet racing thoughts.
Reduces Anxiety
Essential oils trigger neurochemical responses to alleviate feelings of anxiety and emotional turmoil.
Improves Sleep
Treatments lower stress hormones that can interfere with sleep, promoting deeper, more restful sleep.
Boosts Immunity
By reducing chronic stress, treatments strengthen the immune system making you more resilient to illness.
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Price £110

Treat your body to a full exfoliation using a deliciously fragranced sugar exfoliator.

Removing dead skin cells to reveal silky smooth skin.

A relaxing cocktail of essential oils will give you the break you need to rest and recharge.

Followed by a relaxing Swedish full body massage, pressure point facial and scalp massage.

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